New Car

Hey everyone. Not sure if anyone’s still checking this blog, but I thought I’d take a chance and say HI! Ran into Dennis at Wal-Mart. It was good to see him.

Back in April I got a second car. A fun car! I’m posting pics. It’s a true Transformers Edition Camaro made my Chevy. It’s a 2010. They only made 1900 of these cars. It’s a fun ride and my kids love it.

I hope everyone’s well and enjoying their summer. Take care! ~Mrs. Ryanbumblebee2 bee1 camaro transformers autobot


Happy Spring Break

Hey everyone. I guess it’s that time…spring break. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe break. 

Recently, I’ve been reminded of FMS. I see Cat Flores every Monday evening when I take my daughter to gymnastics. I saw a couple of boys (Ethan and maybe one other) in the newspaper for Civil Air Patrol. And then there’s this new show called Believe and the girl that stars in the show looks a lot like Lexy Driscoll!  Check it out

I just want you all to know that I still think of you often. I hope you’re doing well. I would love to hear how things are going. 

Take care and happy spring break!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hello everyone! It’s been a while. I haven’t forgotten you though. I think about you all often. I’ve been swamped with my college classes and my own kids, etc., but life is good.

It seems you all have settled in with the new teacher, and I’m glad to hear it. I know the transition was difficult, but such is life sometimes and we have to adapt. I know she’s not me and many of you miss me, but she’s unique in her own way. We always have to give people a chance before we make a decision. I bet, by now, you are finding the things you like about her as well.

Even though I only spent a short time with you all, I value that time and feel blessed to have met so many great students. I will always have fond memories of each one of you. I hope that you will keep in touch and let me know how you’re doing.

I can’t believe February is already half over! It’s even more difficult to think that in just a few months you all will be in your last year of middle school! I am so proud of every one of you. You will learn soon that time goes by very quickly. Make sure you savor every enjoyable moment and work hard to overcome the difficult ones. High school can be a wonderful time of your life if you make it that way.

I’d love to hear from you and what you’re doing now – sports, activities, hobbies, classes, etc. It makes my day to hear of your successes.

Keep working hard in all of your classes and, most importantly, always believe in yourself!

Hugs! Mrs. Ryan

New Year, Fresh Start

Hello! I have been reflecting a lot over the past year and realized I haven’t posted to this blog for some time. I hope all’s well and things are running smoothly now. I think of my middle school students often and wish them well. 

Life is a lot slower pace for me these days and that is enjoyable. I am teaching a college composition class on Mondays and Wednesdays during the day and two college composition courses on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. It’s nice that I have Fridays completely free since my kids get out of school early on Fridays. I spend my days leisurely preparing for class and grading. It’s nice and quiet during the day here at home, but sometimes I really miss the lunch visits, funny stories, silliness, etc.  There is something to be said for working with young people – always a day with laughter at some point, rewards of watching them grow intellectually, and blessings to have their admiration. Many students told me, “you’ll miss us” and they were right. I do! But God puts us where he needs us and right now this is where I’m needed. 

I pray that each of you are being blessed and working hard to achieve the high grades I know that every single one of you are capable of scoring. Stay safe, stay strong, and stay focused. I miss you all!  Hugs!  Mrs. Ryan

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone’s having a very Merry Christmas. We had a very nice couple of days. Christmas Eve we attended our church’s candle light service and then went to my parents house for dinner (peel and eat shrimp – a yearly tradition). My kids each get to  open one gift on Christmas Eve (from each other). Then it’s home and to bed so Santa can visit. My daughter was up and down all night and finally got us out of bed at 6:01 a.m. (after being repeatedly told to come back at 6 a.m.). We were very blessed with nice gifts. This afternoon we visited my brother’s home and had Christmas dinner there with my brother, his wife, their 7 month old baby, my parents, my husband, me, and our kids. It was a nice family dinner followed by even more presents. Now we’re all stuff and tired…ready for sleep. Tomorrow will probably bring some shopping/exchanging of sizes/gifts. I’m staying busy, busy, busy. I am thinking of you all…everyone of you…and hoping your Christmas is just as wonderful as you! I miss you. Hugs!  Mrs. Ryan

Catching Fire

Hello! I hope you are all well and almost ready for Christmas break. Yesterday, Friday, I got to spend the day in my daughter’s 4th grade classroom helping out with her medieval festival. It was fun. My mom went along too and we had a good time. After school I took my kids to see Catching Fire (and took my mom too). It was really good! I can’t wait to see Mocking Jay I and II. I’m enjoying teaching my college classes, but I miss you all…everyone single one of you. I’ve heard from several of you about the new teacher. Give her a chance. It has to be hard for her to step into my shoes after the year already started. Change is hard for everyone. Try to see her point of view. You are all very bright students and will be successful this year if you work at it. I am almost ready for Christmas though I still need to put up my decorations. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. Hugs!  Mrs. Ryan